circle of stones at gallery 152

Circle of Stones: Filomena Coppola & Friends

Filomena Coppola, Merle Narkle-Goodwin, Holly Story, Nikala Bourke, Sujora Conrad & Lana de Jager

29 September - 4 November 2018

Circle of Stones is a connection to place and time as it relates to the earth's rotation around the sun and the feminine history, which celebrates mother earth and her diversity.

Filomena Coppola was Artist in Residence at Gallery 152 in 2017. During this time she connected with residents who shared their experience of the area and introduced her to its natural beauty and history. Coppola was particularly interested in the Avon River and exploring the changes that have occurred with settlement and farming. She spent time walking and visiting the environment around York to create works specific to place. She collected stones on which to paint and photographed the areas where the rocks were selected and met with Ballardong Noongar elder, Merle Narkle-Goodwin, who helped her ensure that none of the rocks selected came from sacred sites or locations with historic cultural significance. Coppola's connection to place was informed and deepened by the friendships, locations and experiences created during her residency. Circle of Stones celebrates these connections.

Coppola is joined by Merle Narkle-Goodwin, Holly Story, Janelle Mendham, Sujora Conrad, Nikala Bourke and Lana de Jager.


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