shana james at gallery 152

carve, print, repeat - york

shana james

9 - 23 april 2022

Artist and Printmaker Shana James shows a retrospective of her linocut works over the past decade along-side her Creative Breaks students from the York Linocut Workshop.

Linocut is a process where the artists carves away the areas of the lino block that will not be printed, then rolls the surface with ink and creates a print. This way limited editions can be made by hand. The careful crafting of the block requires a high degree of skill, it is tactile and enjoyable process but unforgiving, as once an area is carved it cannot be put back. All work in this exhibition, including the student work have been printed using artist quality archival inks and paper.

This exhibition includes works from Shana's Understanding Alice series which was first exhibited in Melbourne in 2015 and collected by Monash University. And linocut monoprints from her Curiouser and Curiouser series which are a playful expression of the liminal space of Alice falling after she jumps down the rabbit hole. Exploring ideas to do with patterns both metaphorically and psychologically - the pattern of being who you are. The repetitive aspects of life which are in direct opposition to that moment of jumping.



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