Listening for Songs

Mandy Renard

Saturday 21st April - Sunday 27th May

Art and music are kindred spirits, not only is one often the muse for the other but their long list of shared principles keep them closely connected. A visual artwork’s rhythm for example, plays a significant role.  It is what makes your eyes dance from one point in the work to another and another; it is the way we, as artists, lead you around the experience of our work wittingly or otherwise.

The cadence and pace of this rhythm can be a slow and sensual or fast and erratic and, just like music, is entirely effected by the artists’ lines, concepts, relate-ability and mood. All these aspects combine and if we are lucky, they strike a chord.  The world is an infinitely complex work of art constantly unfolding. It seems natural to join in.


We are thrilled to be presenting one of Australia’s foremost printmakers, Mandy Renard in her first West Australian exhibition.  Each of the works featured in this exhibition are unique state.  Also represented in this exhibition are textile artist Tara Badcock, ceramics by Erinswindow, fellow printmaker Ros Meeker and Fremantle ceramicist Jen Winterbottom aka Shelf Life CeramicsListening For Songs opens with an artist talk by Mandy who we’ll be welcoming to York along with her family.  Please join us for drinks and nibbles.

Date:  Saturday April 21st
Time:  2pm
Opening hours:  10am-3pm daily

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