Turn three times before laying down

Mikaela Castledine, Deb Williams, Rona Green, Stephen Castledine, Kyoko Imazu, Megan Evans and Mandy Renard

Saturday 2nd June - Sunday 15th July

In this exploration of the nature of the animal world, our (often) anthropomorphic relationships with them and the diverse cultural attitudes towards pets and pet ownership, artists Mikaela CastledineStephen CastledineDeb WilliamsRona Green, Kyoko Imazu, Megan Evans and Mandy Renard provide us with a wildly diverse multi-disciplinary approach as they attempt to understand our relationship with the animal world.

Opens with talk by Mikaela & Stephen Castledine at 1pm Saturday June 2nd.
Gallery152:  152 Avon Terrace, York
Opening Hours:  10am-3pm daily


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